Tryin’ To Hard Create What Had Already Been Created


When the Doobie Brothers had their second #1 hit in early 1979, the Grammy-winning What A Fool Believes, it was a career high for the band, but also represented the pinnacle of a decade long struggle for success by its singer and co-writer, Michael McDonald. The song made him a star, with his voice his most recognizable asset. So powerful and popular was that song that other artists from various genres tried to capture some of that Fool magic, with some succeeding and some not.

Here’s a short clip of those who tried to reason away ripping off the Doobies….


Does Anything Last Forever?

I don’t know. But one thing that has lasted a very long time is the career of Michael McDonald. Since his early days with Del-Rays, Michael has been entertaining folks for almost 50 years. So let’s celebrate the birthday of one of our true national treasures with a deep cut from his first solo LP in 1982, If That’s What It Takes:

And here’s Michael and Kenny singing a big hit they wrote together: