West Coast Pop from the Early 80s

In order to escape the sharpening political climate of the 1980s, we needed something to assuage the chaos. Moving into the Me decade, West Coast music grabbed a strong foothold of the pop charts.

Here’s a sample of Top 40 West Coast pop from 1980-1984:


How A Supermodel Saved Steely Dan

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason…”

Have you had a chance to enjoy watching Steely Dan on tour over the past 20 years? Do you enjoy your evenings by cranking up Two Against Nature for a little Jack Of Speed? None of that may have been possible had Donald Fagen and Walter Becker separately engaged in a musical project by a former supermodel. Read the story  about the catalyst which sparked one of the greatest and improbable comebacks in rock.